Tourist arrivals up by 11.4 % in April

A total of 98,650 international tourists visited Nepal in April 2018, according to the figure of the Department of Immigration. Arrivals have increased by 11.4% as compared to the arrival figures of April 2017. With this, the total arrival from the month of January to April has reached 386,030, which is also the growth of 13% over the same period in last year.

The arrivals from India and Sri Lanka grew by 13.8 % and 26.4% respectively in April 2018 in comparison to the figures of the same month in 2017. Similarly, the overall arrivals from the SAARC countries registered a positive growth of 8.5% as compared to the same month last year. However, the visitors from Bangladesh decreased by 26.5%, states the release of NTB.

Visitor arrivals from China continue to soar as in the previous months and grew by 45.9% in April 2018 in comparison to the arrivals in the same months last year. Arrivals from Asia (other than SAARC) have also recorded positive growth of 28.1% in April 2018.  Likewise, the visitors from Malaysia and Thailand to Nepal increased by 17.8% and 26.7 %.

As far as European source markets are concerned, the overall positive growth of 5.1% in April has been recorded as compared to the same months last year. France gained 28.8% of increment, however, the arrivals from the UK and Germany slightly declined by 7.4% and 12.2% respectively.

Tourist arrivals from Australia and New Zealand have also increased by 2.5% and 18.9% respectively in April 2018 as compared to the figures of 2017. Likewise, visitors from USA and Canada have also grown by 7.9% and 8.1% respectively in April 2018.

The sustained growth in international arrivals to Nepal in 2018 is a continuation of the positive trend that started in 2016. It can be safely inferred that the concerted efforts of Nepal Government, Nepal Tourism Board and the private sector in positioning Nepal in the international markets as an attractive and safe destination and reviving the confidence of international visitors and travel trade are well reflected in the visitor arrivals.

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