Chasing history in Kunchhal

The history of Kunchhal village dates back to Nepal Sambat 833 and is inscripted in a historical stone spout near the village. The village is originally inhabited by the people of Gopali community. Gopali people are believed to be Gwalas or the herdsmen of Lord Krishna.

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5 High Altitude Lakes in Nepal You Don’t Want to Miss

The glacial-fed lakes of Nepal not only offers a mesmerizing views and experience, but the trails that leads to those high lakes provide visitors with an opportunity to experience the authenticity of Nepal.

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The Infamous Annapurna Brawl

Few months back, a footage of a British tourist, Gemma Wilson and her son, being chased along a mountain path by an angry local woman, Pasang Gurung from Manang, went viral in social media as well as other news media.

It was reported in the media that the local woman chased the British trekkers after the latter complained about high price charged by the woman for a cup of tea. Till now, we saw only a one-sided footage shot by Wilson which did not show much of what had happened before the unfortunate incident. This video interview shows the other side of the incident.

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