TAAN completes trail restoration in Langtang Valley

Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) has completed trekking and transportation trails maintenance and a truss bridge installation works under “Restoration of Trekking and Transportation Trial in Langtang Valley Project”.  The project with a budget of around 12.7 million rupees, was implemented by TAAN in Langtang National park area after the mega earthquake of April 25, 2015 to restore tourism activities in Langtang valley and its surroundings.

According to TAAN, the project had received a financial support of 1,00,000 Euros from the donation of members of Deutscher Alpenverein (DAV). Similarly, TAAN also contributed 10 thousand Euros to construct the bridge. Likewise, German Mountain climbers and the German Alpine Club (Deutscher Alpenverein) coordinated efforts to raise donations and to provide development aid in the rebuilding of trails and bridges in the Langtang Valley.

The trail truss bridge with the total span 32 meters was constructed with six tones of galvanized iron truss at an altitude of 2854 meter, was inaugurated on 4th of October in presence of Vice President of DAV-German Alpine club.

Similarly, trekking trail maintenance, stair construction along with keeping gabions and slabs on the way to the landslide from Sherpa village to Ghodatabela was also completed. Likewise, the trail from Langtang Khola Bridge to Rimche, Ghodatabela to Kyanjin Gompa were also reconstructed. The village which was destroyed by the avalanche was also managed and maintenance of trekking trail was completed. Similarly, the trial was widened and stairs were also constructed between landslide and Bamboo.

According to TAAN, the project had started after signing a tri-party MoU among Langtang Management & Reconstruction Committee (LMRC) – TAAN- DAV, German Alpine Club last year. The project which started in December of 2016 completed in September this year as per the plans. The project was divided into five sectors where each sectors carried out different activities through their committee for re-construction and maintenance purpose.

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