A Refreshing Eco Hike

By Rajiv Joshi

Whether it’s a trek to the base camp of Mt Everest or short hikes around, traveling is always fun. Be it business travel or leisure, trips to places, taking a break from the hectic daily work, are guaranteed to make one refreshed and rejuvenated.

For those who cannot afford to take a long break from their job, Bouddha-based Responsible Treks organizes its signature trip “Weekend Eco Hike” every week.

An easy hike around 3-4 hours can be deemed perfect as it takes away stress out of the busy schedule as well as allows you to breathe fresh air far away from the madding crowd of Kathmandu. Short hikes can also be taken as a preparation for trekking in the Himalayas.

Traditional houses at Lapsephedi.

Responsible Treks’ eco hike passes through small villages in the foothills and often climbing to a ridge or crossing a pass.  One of their popular trips is the Sankhu-Nagarkot hike. This trip starts from Bouddha.

Monsoon river and the lush green surrounding.

A drive of less than an hour will take hikers to Lapsiphedi in Sakhu from where the hiking begins. The trail then leads through terraced fields, lush forests, occasionally crossing some rivulets. The trail is not much difficult. It offers an ideal walking condition for the first-timers too.

From Lapsephedi, the trail is an uphill climb until it meets a newly paved road to Melamchi. A short walk from here and the small market place of Jahar Singh Pauwa opens before the hikers. It is a perfect place for a cup of tea or any refreshments. You can also visit the marketplace and even interact with local people, most of whom belong to the Tamang community.

Jaharsingh Pauwa

The hike further through lush forest provides hikers some relief from the scorching sun. The chirping of birds, fresh air, and abundant greenery make the hike pleasant.

Hiking through the lush green forest.

The trail passes through Buddhist vihars and small villages before reaching Aahalchaur. The place is an ideal spot for some rest and lunch. There is a beautiful wooden house, which is also a restaurant, located amidst the lush forest, along the road to Nagarkot, catering sumptuous Dal Bhat and any other fast food.

The lunch spot

The hike continues along the road that leads to Nagarkot. The trail is easier, and it passes through beautiful villages and terraced fields. The views of the valley lying down hundreds of feet below are equally enthralling. You will see greenery all around you if you happen to travel during monsoon.

Passing Village

A walk of around an hour from Aahalchaur will take you to Nagarkot Farm House – your destination for the day.

Trail leading to Nagarkot.

Nagarkot is a popular destination for both foreigners and locals. The place is famous for its breathtaking views of the Himalayan ranges, and view of sunrise and sunset adds value to this hill station. After the hike ends, you can either stay overnight at the beautiful farm house or head back to Kathmandu.

This day hike gives visitors an insight into the lifestyle of local people as well as the opportunity to enjoy Nepal’s natural beauty. It is certain to leave lasting memories about Nepal.

07:30 AM- Gather at Boudha
08:15 AM- Drive to Lapsi Phedi- Sankhu
09:00 AM- Hike from Lapsi Phedi- Jaharshing Pauwa (11 :00 AM) Tea Break
12:00 PM- Local Lunch (Dal-Bhat) @ Aahalchaur
15:00 PM- Tea time in Nagarkot Farm House
16:00 PM- Nagarkot Town and drive back to Kathmandu

Trip Info
Distance: 9 Km
Walking Time: 3-4 hours
Excursion Time: 2-3 hours
Landmarks: Sankhu & Nagarkot

Hiking Essentials
Hiking Boot/Shoes
Light T-Shirt
Quick Drying Pants or Shorts
Cap or Hat
Rain Coat/Umbrella
Sunscreen and Sunglasses
Flash Light
Chocolates/High Energy Foods
Water Bottle

For more information on the trip visit http://www.responsibletreks.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/Weekendecohike/

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