Mastering Your Phone Camera

By @wandererrj

A beautiful picture can be with you for a lifetime, either in your social pages or electronic devices or in your living room. You don’t have to be a trained and professional photographer to capture a stunning image. Good pictures can be captured with a smartphone. With the wide availability and usability of a smartphone, you don’t need to bring a high-end camera along with you while traveling. Smartphones are more portable than professional cameras which are bulky to carry around and can be annoying at times. Using the smartphone camera gives a sense of freedom and excitement for capturing pictures. It gives more subtleness and flexibility with the handheld phone camera than shooting with a DSLR. Also it is said that a good photographer should be able to take good pictures of everything regardless of the equipment. You needn’t carry big cameras or lenses all the time. Instead, a great image can be captured with whatever is in your pocket. Here are some tips for the better mobile travel photography.

Be aware of the subject

Instead of taking pictures randomly, plan ahead about the things you want to capture. It is necessary to be aware of some elements like whether you want to capture a portrait, buildings, cityscapes or landscapes. For example, if you want to capture images of the city, then don’t take photos strolling around. Rather take your photo stopping in a spot than snapping some walking past the subject. Try to be as steady as possible. It can enhance the results and you’ll end up with less blurry images and more sharp and focused images of the subject.

Remember the composition

Most smartphone cameras have many varieties of compositional guidelines. The most common guideline is the rule of thirds. There are other guidelines like squares, 16 square grids and more. Different camera apps have different compositional guidelines, so follow the guidelines wisely.

Capture the perfect moment

It is always hard to find the perfect camera moments. So, it is very important to keep your camera handy whenever something exciting happens. It also depends on luck. If you are lucky enough, keep your calm. It can bring great results. As smartphones are so handy and easy to use, there is nothing you will have to prepare. Just grab your phone and start to shoot. There are various modes for capturing the images. Using burst mode to capture the perfect moment in motion, will certainly bring out some good captures to choose from.

Get More Stable Shots

Although many smartphones these days come with optical image stabilization feature built in, it is always better to shoot by holding the phone with both hands for sharper image. Do not use the shutter button on your screen. It can give you blurry image. Instead, use the physical button on the side of your phone for getting sharper images. It is better if you use some pods for a more steady camera angle and use the buttons of your headphones without even touching the camera, for more sharper images. Taking pictures in burst mode can also reduce chances of missing the opportunities for some great shots.

Understand Lights

It doesn’t mean that you should be shooting carefree while you are on a vacation or travelling. You need to follow certain rules. Lighting should be a major concern when you shoot. Make sure you are prepared according to the lighting condition, be it morning, day or the night time. Better understanding of lights will help to get beautiful shots. “The art of photography does not lie in the reliance of equipment or digital tools, but in the exploring and understanding of how light can be captured and reflected,” said Carl Johan Kimell, adventure-seeker and travel photographer.

Shoot close and shoot wide

In comparison to the DSLR, the smartphone camera is fairly wide. And wider the field of view the more captivating the image is. Even some of the best street photographers try to capture wide and remain close to the subject as possible. Wider and closer pictures are the best way to depict the human perspective. It’s even easier to take pictures with mobile phones, as they are commonly used and they don’t make your subject, if its a human, suspicious of you taking their picture. Always remember to not use the zoom of the camera, as the camera of the mobile phones doesn’t properly support zoom function and using it can result to the blurry and lower quality pictures.

Never use flash unless you really need it

You should be aware that the in-built flash of the mobile phones are useless until and unless you are looking to get some odd effects in the pictures, like getting red eyed pictures of a person. It is better to find some sources of lights around and play its brightness. It is better to stabilize the camera and using ISO function for a clear and more quality shots. Using the flash can also ruin the scenes you want to capture. So it is better you play around a bit with the available lightings and create some effects with it.

At last, Good Mobile Photo comes with good editing

It may not require a good camera for a great capture, but it requires some good editor. It is very important that you go beyond just using the filter. With various photo editing apps, it has become easier to get out a great photo. Try using every tools at your disposal and play with the parameters to experiment and see what great things can happen with proper editing.

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