Hello Doctor to ease medical emergencies in the Everest Region

Trekkers and mountaineers in the high altitude areas of Nepal will soon be able to get connected directly through Hello Doctor — an online emergency medical service — to be provided by Everest Link, a wireless internet service provider in the Everest region.

According to officials of the service provider, Hello Doctor service is slated to be launched from next month coinciding with the peak tourist season of Nepal.

Everest Link has been providing Wi-Fi service years to trekkers and mountaineers for the past few years. As part of their service, visitors can now access on-call medical service through a medical emergency button on its login page. Users can access the service by simply pressing the red alert button to call for help.

Chehen Lama, chief technical officer of Everest Link informed that the emergency button will automatically redirect calls to doctors and make queries for the medical emergencies while trekking in the region. “In case of the unavailability of one dedicated doctor, it will automatically connect to another doctor. We hope that this service will make it easier to get in contact with the doctor to avoid problems or take precautions against every possible medical emergencies while travelling in high altitude areas,” said Lama, adding: “The service will not only provide assistance during medical emergencies but will also enable trekkers to be tracked in case of getting lost in the Everest region.”

According to Lama, Everest Link has partnered with Green City and Swacon International Hospital in Kathmandu and Kunde Hospital in the Khumbu region for the medical assistance service. He further informed that the company is also working to provide wireless Internet services at Lo Manthang and Manaslu Base Camp as well.

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