For the Sweet Tooth

Nepal is the land of diversity. Like nature, culture and tradition, Nepal is also diverse in terms of food. Specifically, its capital city Kathmandu is often referred as the budget eating capital of Asia. Although food like Dal Bhat and Momo are the all-time popular dishes there are a lot of other delicacies to go for. Here is the list of some sweet delicacies which are unique and are rarely found anywhere else in the world.


Lakhamari is one of the most popular Newari sweets that is mostly used during various festivals and celebrations in Nepal. The crunchy and flaky textured coiled sweet bread comes in different shapes and sizes, but all of it tastes similar. Larger Lakhamari is the exclusive ones, which are used in social functions and puja whereas smaller ones are used in Puja as well as daily consumptions. This deep fried sweet bread is made of flour, sugar, butter, and other ingredients and is especially available in Kathmandu as most of the city dwellers come from the Newari community.


Khajuri is the popular Nepali sweet cookies made especially during the festival. It is mostly used for the holy offering or prashad. It is also one of the favored cookies among Nepalese. Khajuri comes in different shapes and sizes, heart shaped,  diamond shaped or round bowl shaped. It is a deep fried cookie made with the blend of flour, ghee, sugar, cardamom powder, and water.


Anarsaa or chini roti is an old-fashioned patty or a big cookie made with the mixture of an equal portion of rice flour and sugar mixed with ghee and deep fried. The sesame seeds sprinkled on top adds extra flavor and decoration to it. Anarsaas are generally made during Deepawali festival. It is crunchy in texture and sweet in flavor.

Gud Paak

Gudpaak is one of the most popular sweets in Nepal. This particular sweet is more popular for its nutritious value and is equally savory. It is often consumed by the new mothers as it is considered to be beneficial for them. The nutritious sweet is made of ghee, gundh or edible gum, brown sugar, milk powder, evaporated milk, coconut, almonds, nutmeg, cardamom,  and pistachio. This sweet is rarely available anywhere else in Nepal rather than Kathmandu.


Kheer is a savory rice pudding popular in Nepal. It is quite similar to European rice pudding but the ingredients like cinnamon, cardamom, fenugreek and other dry fruits added in it make it a peculiar one. It is also one of the integral parts of holy ceremonies and parties as well. Kheer is also considered as pure food in Nepal. It is generally eaten as a dessert or side dish.

Sel Roti

Sel Roti is a very special delicacy usually prepared and eaten during festivals and holy ceremonies. It is made of rice flour. The rice flour is first mixed with water, and then the mixture is fried while maintaining the round structure of the sel roti. Sel roti is also a very integral component of Nepali society and has a special significance during Dashain and Tihar — the major Hindu festivals in Nepal. The sel rotis are also exchanged and sent to families and friends living far away, and used as one of the special foods during the auspicious ceremony like the wedding and pujas.

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