‘Experience Nepal’ campaign launched

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has launched its global campaign named ‘Experience Nepal’ to promote Nepali Cuisine and Culture in the international arena in 2018. NTB launched the campaign during it’s 19th anniversary in Kathmandu held on Sunday.

The campaign is aimed at taking the ongoing effort to globalize Nepalese cuisine, led by Nepal’s veteran tourism pioneer Karna Shakya.

Deepak Raj Joshi, CEO of NTB made a presentation on achievements and activities of the board during 2017. Speaking at the event, Joshi said, “I thank all stakeholders for their cooperation in promoting Nepal in the international tourism market. Our tourism is currently inclined towards nature, culture and hospitality. Tourists have been flowing into the country to enjoy all these aspects. Apart from all the existing products, Nepali cuisines, which bears equal potential as others need to be focused and promoted globally. Through the Experience Nepal campaign, we plan to promote authentic Nepali cuisines and in the long run, we are very hopeful on getting cooperation from the Nepalese restaurants established in foreign countries by serving authentic Nepalese food, to make the campaign a success”.

Joshi further said, “We want to establish Nepal as one of the best culinary destinations in the world. The latin country Peru has been attracting tourists with the coveted crown as the world’s top culinary destination. Nepal has its own tastes and if we promote strategically, it won’t be long before Nepal can also be known as a culinary destination of the world.”

NTB has also appointed Deepesh Man Shakya, NTB’s Honorary Public Relations Representative for Ireland and the coordinator of Visit Nepal Europe 2017, as the Chief Coordinator abroad for the ‘Experience Nepal’ campaign.

NTB has successfully concluded Visit Nepal Europe 2017 campaign which was launched at its 18th-anniversary event last year with an objective of increasing the number of European tourists coming to Nepal. This year the number increased by 30% in comparison to 2016.

After the appointment as chief coordinator, Shakya made a presentation on all the activities carried out in various parts of Europe during 2017 and also highlighted on various aspects of the Experience Nepal campaign.

Shakya said, “The campaign plans to establish Nepalese restaurants in various countries as promotion hubs of Nepal. Restaurants and eateries will be requested to include authentic Nepalese food in their menu. Nepal’s diplomatic missions abroad will be encouraged to promote Nepalese food by serving authentic Nepalese cuisine to international dignitaries in their formal reception programs.”

He further said, “Customers at those restaurants will have more attraction towards Nepal. It will be easier to entice them to visit Nepal to enjoy the plethora of activities the country has to offer. The campaign will seize this opportunity by supporting Nepalese restaurants all over the world by providing required materials in a digital form to promote the country and its food.”

According to NTB, the campaign is taken as a preparation for the government’s announcement of celebrating the year 2020 as Visit Nepal Year with the target of bringing in two million tourists during the year. NTB is collaborating with Non-Resident Nepalese Association (NRNA) to make the campaign successful.

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