Nepal, the exotic Himalayan country which is one of the top destinations for travel, gets hundreds and thousands of foreign tourists year. While travel brings many experiences, fun and excitement, it also does certain risks. But we can get rid of such risks by taking necessary measures and preparing for the journey. Prevention, as they say, is always better, and it is a very good idea to research about the place you are going to go and prepare accordingly. Here are some things to keep in mind while visiting Nepal:


Before setting off on your journey, it is always good to know about the country, its people and places through various books and articles, and get a gist of what to expect. Nepal has galore of offerings, and therefore, knowing beforehand your options and what you would like to do is a very good idea. It is also better to decide beforehand if you want any tour operator to organize your trips or learn about trekking routes so that you can venture on your own. Also, it is better to have some knowledge about the country’s rules and regulations, especially if you are planning to travel as free independent tourists (FITs).


Be extremely careful with your travel documents like passport, flight tickets and tour itineraries. Also, carry extra passport size photos as you need them for entrance visa and trekking permits. This may seem a very obvious point, but there have been cases of tourists losing their backpacks with the travel documents. The travel documents are your identity in a foreign country, so take care of them accordingly. Also, take trekking permits and any other essential documents before heading to the mountains.


Health is of absolute concern anytime anywhere. Take care to bring medication or prescriptions that you use and make sure you get them here. It is important to carry some extra medication just in case if you are a regular user. You might not get the medicines that you are taking here. So, make sure that you carry medicines with you. Also, keep common pain relievers, drugs for altitude sickness while trekking, and water treatment tablets. If you are taking the service of tour operators, they will take care of everything.


Packing is extremely fun thing to do for some and extremely exhausting to others. But it is important to consider what kind of a climate you are going to and on what time of the year, and the expected weather condition. Higher altitude requires warm jackets and trousers, while light cloths would be okay in Tarai belts which are generally warmer. If you are going to the mountains for trekking, you are advised to carry torch, flashlight, headlamp, insect repellent, refillable water bottle and comfortable shoes, and sun glasses, among others.


Refrain from going on long treks on your own, and try to travel in groups. It might be fun to venture off on your own, but learn about the place you are going and the experiences of other travelers there. Get the contact number of tourist police as it might come handy if you face any trouble.


Interacting with the locals is a great way to enhance your travel experiences. The way of greeting in Nepal is Namaste. It is amazing how light you feel while travelling without your ego or your expectations from any place! Tourists can often be charged more money, so also try to bargain and negotiate price in some touristic areas. Like anywhere else, bad attitude and behavior is unacceptable in Nepal. Similarly, don’t support beggars. If you give to one, ten more will come to you. Respect the local norms, like taking off your shoes before entering temple, and talk respectfully with the local people. Change the Nepali currencies before you leave the country because you cannot change them elsewhere.

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