The Infamous Annapurna Brawl

Few months back, a footage of a British tourist, Gemma Wilson and her son, being chased along a mountain path by an angry local woman, Pasang Gurung from Manang, went viral in social media as well as other news media.

It was reported in the media that the local woman chased the British trekkers after the latter complained about high price charged by the woman for a cup of tea. Till now, we saw only a one-sided footage shot by Wilson which did not show much of what had happened before the unfortunate incident. This video interview shows the other side of the incident.

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Traveling with Deeya Maskey

Travel taught me to be adaptive. You have to adapt yourself with the places you go. When I went to rural places for shooting, I adapted to the basic facilities there. You generally tend to block yourself from adapting, but once you adapt, life can be amazing.

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The Abode of Shiva !

It was not just the map that fascinated me about Nepal. I have also been reading about it, a country where Buddha was born, a country where the highest mountain of the earth is, and a country surrounded by beautiful Himalayas. More than this, I hardly knew anything about Nepal, but I was super excited as I was going closer to Himalayas

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